Concrete Floors in the Home

When you think of concrete flooring the first thing that is likely to come to mind is a warehouse or some kind of industrial type setting. Concrete flooring however has become a very popular choice as flooring in residential homes.

Now the first thing that many are concerned about is that concrete flooring is a very boring drab gray color. This does not have to be an issue. It can be scored to create different patterns, it can also be stamped to gain the appearance of brick or tile. Color can also be added to concrete flooring at several points in time during the installation process or paint can be applied after the concrete has been installed.

If you happen to be suffering from any type of illness especially anything related to having difficulty breathing you will greatly benefit. Carpet can hold dust and all different types of irritants that can make conditions like asthma much worse. Carpet and tile are applied with adhesives that can give off extremely irritating fumes.

When most people choose concrete flooring they choose to have their foundation simply double as their floor. Your foundation is in direct contact with the earth so it can be an enormous help in the energy performance of your home. If you are worried about your floors getting colder in the winter then you can place area rugs in desired spots all over your home. There may be points in time where your home may seem cooler, however, the constant temperature level will make your home much more energy efficient.

There are many that may be concerned at the hardness of a concrete floor. It is really no harder then say tile applied directly to concrete. You can add several decorative rugs to areas of your home where you might like a little more cushion. When concrete is installed properly you will not have to worry about slips and falls onto the floor.

Concrete flooring is really very cost effective. It may be more expensive than other flooring when it is first installed but the chances are very high that you will never have to replace it. And because concrete floors will help you make your home more energy efficient you will be saving yourself even more money. If you utilize any type of solar power you will be increasing your savings even further.

Using concrete in your home is great for the environment. They use a whole lot less energy to create then other types of flooring. You will not have to worry about using any trees like would be used in the production of wood flooring. Concrete flooring is very environmentally friendly.

Should you ever decide to sell your home, concrete flooring would be a great selling point. The new owners could leave the floor as is or change it any way that they like.

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